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6 ways a Virtual Assistant will benefit your business



If you need 20 hours of support one week, but only 5 hours the next week, I can help! No need to employ someone part-time, only for them to be twiddling their thumbs if you have everything under control or if you are in a quiet period. You only pay for the hours worked.


No need to pay taxes, benefits or office equipment

As I am a freelance administrator, you don’t have to pay for holidays, sick pay, National Insurance, tax or office equipment! I work remotely whenever you need me, so you just pay for my time and nothing else.


Specific skills to help you with your business

With many years of experience in Customer Service and project management roles, I have specific skills which can meet your business needs.


No need to micro-manage

Once you’ve delegated a project across to me as your personal VA, you can focus entirely on other things, safe in the knowledge that you’ll receive the completed work on time and error-free.


Never miss a deadline

I understand the importance of a good reputation. Like you, I run my own business. When you hand over a piece of work to me with a set deadline, you can be confident that it will be met!


Someone who can partner with you and cares about your business

Hiring a VA is like hiring an employee but without the additional costs. I will still be part of your business, however much or little you want me to be, and I want to see you succeed!

Have a look at my Services page to see some of the tasks I could help you with. If you need something which isn’t listed, just give me a call! We’ll have a chat and see how I could help you become more effective!

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